Saturday, June 25, 2011


This year I celebrate 10 years of marriage to my husband... my best friend.  I am honored to have the right and privilege to spend my life- good and bad- with the person I love.

Now.. my friends have the same right.  NYS passed a law that allows same sexed couples to be married. I am happy.  I am thrilled!  But this makes me sad at the same time.  Sad because it too so long.  Sad because I have friends who are upset with the decision because of religious beliefs.   Sad that we had to grant the right to marriage...

I'm going to go on a rant now so if you think you will be offended in any way, now is your chance to stop reading.

Still with me.. good.
I believe that love transcends gender.  Love can exist between Man and Woman, Man and Man, Woman and Woman, Man and 2 women, Woman and 2 Men.. .. etc.  The Judeo-Christian ideal is not Universal.  There are other cultural ideals that exist in this world that we in the west disregard because it goes against our beliefs.  I studied cultural differences for 4 years in college and I still study it today.  Who am I to say what a couple in another country, with a different religion with a different set of values are right?  As long as all parties involved with the marriage are in agreement... no one was forced or underage.... lets be smart about it kids..  why should I care if there are 2 wives and 1 husband?  Why should I care if there are 2 women who love each other as much as I love my husband?  ITS LOVE!  Would I marry someone of the same sex? No. I like boys.  But I know lots of people of who will now be planning weddings and I am thrilled to be able to celebrate their love with them.

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