Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Now that I'm working from home, I have a distraction.  The window.  I used to have a window in my old office downtown where we'd keep them open (we weren't supposed to) and let the lake breeze into the office.  I had a wonderful view of City Hall and river.  I could watch some of the ships and barges come through.  We'd watch the storms roll in off the lake.  When the fog would roll in it was horror movie.  The sounds of city were my background noise.


When we moved to the Larkin building, the windows were sealed shut.  I'd get up occasionally and look out.  Just look.  On a windy day, all we could do is watch.

Next me now is the office window.  Quite often there is a cat in it.  Today, its open.  The breeze is coming in and its cool.  Fall cool with a hint of moisture.  There is rain coming.  The chorus of crickets is still singing.  The birds stop by and squabble for a bit then off they fly.  The murder comes and goes.  And I know I'm safe when I hear Burt barking next door.  I know when the kids are home from school when the yelling and games begin.

Its calming to hear the sounds of the neighborhood while I work.  And its nice to breath in normal air.  It may be filled with pollen but I don't care.

Back to work.  The squirrel is yelling at me again.  He's such a task master.

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