Friday, September 09, 2011

taste test Oat Revolution

I love to try new products.. especially food.  Well, anything really.

Better Oats has a line of oatmeal out that is cool.  I have tried the Maple and Brown Sugar Oat Revolution...  and its yummy. Sweet, which is what I like.  Its not so much the taste I love but the packaging.

The oatmeal bag itself is is measured to 2/3 cup.  THE BAG!!  Pour the oats into a bowl.  Measure the water in the oat bag.  Nuke for 90 seconds.  DONE!  NO MEASURING CUP NEEDED!

How neat is this for the office?  I took a measuring cup in specifically because during the winter I'll bring in oatmeal.

Lets review the taste now.  I just finished my bowl and it was good.  Its better oats and... heartier.  The odd texture to me was the addition of the Flax seed.  You get used to it.    Overall, I'd get this again.  Thank you Better Oats...

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