Thursday, December 22, 2011


I opted to do something differnet this year. For the last 10 years or so, I have made a Polish Coffee cake for every sibling family on my husbands side.. and then some. Thats a lot of coffee cake if you know our family. Well, this year I couldn't do it. I have been seeing the salt dough ornaments all over the internets (yeah, thank you Pintrest) and I thought "Why not?".

Oddly, it's harder than it looks. The dough was sticky. It didn't roll right and drove me batty.

But I managed to make it work somehow. I have 3 designs overall (the last batch I had the worst time with so I got creative).

#1 is a Celtic Cross
#2 is a Celtic square
#3 is a dove of peace with a star.
I didn't count how many I cut, stamped, dryed and modpodged. But they are done.

Here's the recipe I used
2 cups flour
1 cup salt
1 cup water

Mix together. Roll out as best you can. I did it on parchment paper first then switched to wax when I ran out and knew the oven wouldn't be an option to dry them. You can toss them in the over for a couple of hours (depending on thickness) at around 200 degrees F once you have the cut out, stamped, whatever. Make sure you put a hole in it so you can run string or a ribbon through it.

I did use ink for my stamped ones. I had a nice black in that worked the best. I tried red and green - horrible. The cheap gold one I had worked ok too. In a different batch, erin and i painted them with water color after they dried.

Overall, I like them. I think I need a different mixture. I just hope the family likes them. Erin and I worked hard on them.
anyways.. Merry Christmas kids...
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Anonymous said...

Mom and I were just talking about them and how much we love them!! I love anything different and unusual.... especially made from the heart! thanks, Mel!!