Friday, December 16, 2011

stress during the holidays? Noooooo

I'm lying of course.  I had promised myself this year I wouldn't let the normal Holiday stress get to me.  With 2 families, a group of friends and a strict budget, things have been .. well.. stressful.
1) I lost a good 10 days due to a commitment with my hobby.  I'm not saying its bad, but I used those 10 days for that and not baking or making gifts thus putting me behind
2) With as big as a family as we have on my husband's side, there is bound to be some clashing of will and expectations and fighting.  Every year I have made a Polish Coffee cake to give to each family.  I have done this for 10 years.  I am not doing it this year.  Oh, fear not those family members who read my blog.  I will make one for Mom's house so we can enjoy it then.  But no family Placzeks this year my darlins. I expect to get backlash for not doing that this year.
3) We needed to introduce Krampus into the mix this year.  Apparently coal in the stocking didn't shock her enough to staighten her up from this past week attitude fest.  I have known about Krampus for years and I was holding back on it.. now granted there were a few years he could have easily made an appearence but didn't.  Well, this year, I have placed the fear of hell into her.  I know, I know.  But this is a bigger issue with Kids today.. they don't understand that actions have consequences and big ones sometimes.  I grew up knowing that if I messed up, God would be pissed and I was going to Hell.  You do not piss off the Big guy.  So Old School it is...
4) It doesn't LOOK like Chirstmas.  Yes yes, its not about the Snow.. but it makes everything look clean.
5) Back on the family thing - big family = tension.  So many freaking people in one place.  I love that family but boy, its loud and hot and I'll be drinking for sure to keep me sane (mental note - get wine).

On a good note,  I made cookies and fudge.  The cookies came out AWESOME (here's round 1). Cookies. Round 1 on Twitpic  I keep making trips to the kitchen and grabbing one.  That has become my breakfast and lunch.  Diet? Yeah, my doctor just needs to understand this is a minor setback.  Its Christmas for Christ's Sake!

So this weekend is the push to finish a surprise present and make the family gifts.  And find my dining room after the laundry room adventure.  That's a blog another day.  As soon as I charge my camera, i'll show you my new ...oops OUR new toys.

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