Monday, March 05, 2012

Enough is enough

My girly girl celebrates her 9th birthday this week. To celebrate, she is having like 8 girls of her choice to join her at the salon school for a makeover and then a slumber party.  Some girls are upset because they were not invited.  I can understand them being upset but that is no reason to get into my kid's face about it and tell her to uninvite someone so they can go.

This whole popularity contest with the girls in her grade is getting out of hand.  There are 15 girls and 2 boys in her class.  So you can imagine the spats and bickering that goes on.  Petty issues get blown out of proportion beyond all belief. I feel sad for her teacher.  And most of the Erin's friends are in the 4th grade.  This makes matters worse.  Even if we give out invites out of school, the girls all talk... "are you going to Erin's party??"... We can not simply please all the girls!!

Lord knows that Erin hasn't been invited to parties.  At first she was hurt then after having to go through the whole thing herself, she totally understands you can't have everyone over.  Space and cost.... 2 factors we can't get over.

The moral of the story..... Suck it up buttercup.  You can't win them all and you won't be invited to every party.

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