Monday, March 12, 2012

9th Birthday Salon Party

9th Birthday Salon Party
She's 9 years old. 9!!! Can you believe it? In short, we survived the Salon party and sleepover. I'm still running on very little sleep from the girls midnight chattering and musical sleeping spots. But the Salon visit was a blast. The girls (6 of them) got their hair, nails and eyes done. They all looked beautiful! The salon is actually Continental School of Beauty.. a long standing beauty school who offers Birthday parties! How cool is that! Each of our girls had 1-2 students working on them. We get service, they get lessons. Its a win-win if you ask me. SAM_1549



And here is the cookie Cake I made.. with the Monster High symbol on it.


Mare said...

I didn't know you guys went to that Salon? that's cool. I had a gift certificate and got a pedi for Kate's wedding there. I thought it was a great program too.

Melissa Hannon said...

Yeah, we stole the idea from one of the other girls. It really was a nice time.. and not expensive at all.