Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring as Sprung.. sort of

Spring Flower show Tulips
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I've been off in real life of late. Work, Ice Dragon, getting ready for first Communion, Confirmation... so the blog took a back seat. There really hasn't been much to blog about anyways.. nothing over the top funny or worthy of going "Hey, did you hear about the time... "

We just got off of spring break at for the kiddo and we made a trip (down the street) to the Botanical Gardens. I love to go there. Especially during the Spring Flower Show. I love the colors and smells.  There were a ton of different flowers this year.

Spring Flower Show

See.. pretty!    But I think this guy is my favorite:

Hosta Bonsai

It is a HOSTA BONSAI!!!!!!  I didn't even know they had them!  I need them....   I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!  I do love my hostas..

But today, I sit in the house, buried in my blanket fort because we got a Nor'easter and its cold.. and wet..  and was hailing..  we did have 80 degree weather last week.   I love my blanket.

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