Friday, September 28, 2012

ho hum.....

Yes. there have been a lack of posts.  Either nothing is going on worth posting OR...  I'm clearly too lazy to post it.  School started for the kiddo and its all going well.  She loves the new grade and teacher.  There are added responsibilities for homework as well (can we say lunch detention if your homework isn't complete?).

Work is an adventure and I'm starting a new role so that means training.  No travel just quite yet but its coming.

Ribbon (the cat) loves being the sole cat to rule the roost but we think she's going senile. Entertaining as it is, by poor girl is getting up there in age.

yeah..  pretty boring.  I know.  It happens.  once i get through this weekend of fun I'll post more.  promise.  really..  i mean it..  

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