Thursday, June 04, 2015

That's wonderful and all but

enough already!  All that has been on the news this week is the transformation of Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner.  Gender Reassignment

She (I'll use the pronoun She has that's how she identifies herself) had the means to do what she felt was right.  Great, Wonderful.  Not everyone has that chance.  I know a lot of people who identify themselves as the opposite gender to which they were born.  Genetics is screwy sometimes and the brain and body got all mixed it.  It happens.  It's happened for years.

Did Chaz Bono get the same "glorification" news coverage?  Nope.  Lana Wachowski? nope.  They supported others quietly and were sometimes ridiculed by the media.  It's all because of the name and family and a need to be liked.  This is why I don't watch TV anymore.

Here's my take.  YOU ARE A PERSON!

If you were born a girl and identify as a boy, great.  If you were born a boy and identify as a girl, great.

Let me know what you want to be called and I will do just that.  It doesn't change what I think of you as a PERSON.  I will support you.  And I will still call you friend.

I have said what I had to say and it's no longer a topic for me.  Moving on... let's have coffee.

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