Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Randomness just 'cause

There is just too much going on to make a clear and concise thought.  Work, kid's dance stuff, hobby, home, general crappiness.  Getting old sucks sometimes.  So I give you a photo montage.  Deal. 

Me working.. talking to clients on the phone and snuggling with my Wonder Woman bear.  Don't judge. You'd snuggle too. 

Stage Manager for the kid's performance.  Pro : I get a headset  Con:  I don't get to see the show.  ever

My Hostas and Bleeding hearts.  I love me my Hostas.  I planted them once (ok, twice - thanks mom) and they are taking over.  I think they are aliens and planning world domination. 

I remember when this was a "strong" cider.  Not so much any more.  Tasty. 

Look.. i have a halo.  I am an Airport Angel..  stuck at JFK for 15 hrs. 

Our cat who thinks she's a dog.  No joke.  She begs.  

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