Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Always room for one more?

So, I was giving Erin a tub. She's 3, she has an imaginary friend. Enyo. It started out as a boy the she corrects me and tells me its a girl.

Now, the name was starting to sound familiar. Where have I heard that name before??

Thank you Google:

ENYO: Goddess of War, Blood and Violence - not surprising as she's a close relative of War God ARES. It must run in the family. Although no-one is quite sure whether she's his wife, daughter or sister. (When the Romans adopted her under the name BELLONA things were just as confusing.)
Her best friend is ERIS and she's also one of the GRAEAE sisters (perhaps an honorary member?). In short, ENYO is horrid and horrible and best avoided unless you enjoy that kind of thing.

Um.. I'm in trouble. I always said she was either the anti-chirst or the savior. I think I know what side she's on.....


The Loremaster said...

As long as she doesn't start talking about "Captain Howdy", I think we'll be ok ... :)

Face on Fire said...

That's so utterly perfect. In all the wrong ways, but she's definitely both of your daughter :-)
Love and kisses and may your life always be interesting.