Friday, June 09, 2006

Ear-aches and a 3 year old

I have a moment of peace so I blog, i'm an idiot. Regardless, last night before bed, the dreaded Ear-ache monster made its way into my little house. It took him 3 years to make an appearance and kept us up till like 2 am (well more like 3 am for me).

Bear seems fine but I have never seen her cry in pain like that before. She's quiet for the moment, watching PBS. Still going to the doctors because this is not the norm for her. Colds, coughing, not a big deal. Ear ache - thats new.

And I'm taking a sick day to snuggle with her.. HA! yeah, I'll still be online since apparently, life can not go on without me.

Atleast I have coffee.

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