Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Darwinism in Action

Life has reached a new low - have parents forgotten how to teach thier kids to CROSS THE STREET?!

I was coming up on Main st which has the Metro Rail - young couple with baby in tow decided to cross the street - daddy was having issues with the stroller and needed to backpedel a bit... mom, not paying attention is standing in the MIDDLE of the road... not looking at the lights... and it turns green. Now, to make like easy, we have done away with WALK and DON'T WALK. The signs are now the little man walking and a red Hand indicating Stop. Simple? I think not.

The Cross walk was already on the red hand when she started to cross the street -- dad was still on the side walk. Yeah yeah - pedestrians have the right away... but crossing against the light doesn't cut it. I honked at her to let her know the light had changed... and she proceeded to Stop and yell at me.

When I was a kid, I was taught to play it safe when crossing the street. Cars are bigger than you.. then can squish you. Now, I see kids not even looking when they cross the street. They just dart out. And parents get irate at drivers because they should have been more cautious. How the hell can we see through the SUV thats parked in front of your house to see a kid run out into the street? Apparently common sense is being bred out of the gene pool.

Case in point - there is a street that many kids walk on near my house. There are no sidewalks for part of it, but mostly, there are. They walk in the MIDDLE of the street, zig zag with thier bikes.. and flip me off when I'm trying to drive down the street on My Side of the road. Its not a busy street, cars are frequent but mostly just those who live in the area. Why the hell must these kids deem it necessary to stand in the middle of the road just past the stop sign and no nothing. I can a hocky game -- fine. Baseball, fine. But standing in the middle of the road for no reason? The teenagers are worth 25, bikes 10, and skateboards 15.

I'm not the grummy old lady on the street... just someone watching Darwinism in Action.

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Face on Fire said...

Boo-rah Darwin! I'm all for natural selection at its finest!