Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Master of Horror has returned

wow, talk about a flash back. I got found on My Space by my old boss and horror partner in crime.. Tommy K... master of Horror and Sloan Gangsta Rap (heheh)

Tom was my boss at Spencers - best boss ever!

Turns out, he has his own store finally - Rotten Jack's Creep Shack

For those that know me.. this is normal. For those that don't, I am a Halloween/Horror junkie. As soon as Oct 1 hits, the Halloween totes come out. I'd start earlier but hubby has his limits. Even Erin got into last year and she was only 2!

This year, I introduced her to the Lemax Halloween village "Mommy - we have to get that! Get that one... ohhh.. get that one... ". I love my kid.

I digress... Tom had the best Halloween Parties know on this side of the lake... even the bathroom and attic were decorated. The Bathroom for Christ's sake.

This was one year ... I don't remember which, they all tend to blend together. Tom is the Umpalumpa and I was Jack the Ripper's Victim.

Damn.. I wish I had a picture of Tom as PRINCE....(giggle)

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