Thursday, August 10, 2006

Off to War

I think I have everything... I think. I did some last minute food shopping yesterday and all I need to get is bottled water and ice. Oh.. and Woodchuck.

Clothes - I have enough and I just need to finish the Linen.
Shoes - got em
Food - Check (Sammy.. i have a surprise for you.....)
Dwelling - Yeppers
everything else - I hope so.
PreSchool is paid for
Tim and Erin have food
where the heck are my needles???

Trunk is empty and waiting and I'll be packing in the dark to leave by 7 AM. What in the world possessed me to do this??? All I hope is that my cold is bansihed by Spirits and the weather stays nice....

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Face on Fire said...

Wheee! A surprise!