Tuesday, September 19, 2006

2 down .. 3 to go..

So Monday was a hellish day. Erin had been sick this weekend, little fever, crabby and complaining of Bubbles in her mouth.

Monday I take her to school (no fever since Saturday early morning) and as I'm about to leave, I spot them - little spots on her hand. Not bug bites, not boo-boos... but blisters. Damn...

Off to the doctors (and a paniced daycare - like illness hasn't happened). Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (again). Last bout as in June of 2004 (I remember because it was my birthday). So that means - home with Erin while she is contagious. All week. She should be ok by Friday to go camping but I don't know. We'll see. Once the spots appear, its usually safe but because its viral, Daycare centers want to play it safe. I totally understand but my sanity is short.

I'm gonna loose it.

So the end of day 2
No Nap
2 screaming matches
Reset the 'who makes the rules' boundry (yeah, I do make them)
and its 7:18 and she's out cold.

I hope she sleeps through the night. I need some me time. I love my daughter, I really do. But Its difficult to work 8 hours, watch her and make sure she's NOT gluded to the TV.

If I were a SAHM, it would be different. I could do activities with her, play games, do stuff. Not so much when I have clients screaming that they need custom work now and support issues in limbo. Good god, can the universe survive without me for a day so I don't loose my mind?


Face on Fire said...

Love you honey... Hang in there!

Lily said...

No it could not...it would go tumbling into a blackhole never to resurface again....mmmmmm this entry makes me want to have a mudslide milkshake.....tee hee