Sunday, September 10, 2006

Saturday with the Clan

Saturday was a big day for the family - every late August/early September, South Buffalo holds a Feis. A feis is like, well.. a party. Here's what was there:
Irish Dancers
expo of local shops and services
lots of drinking

The point of the Feis is to rekindle the idea of "shop in your neighborhood". The shops and services all set up tables and give you free stuff (pens, balloons, chapstick, waterbottles,...).

For our family, its a time to all come together. My husband's family sees friends from the neighborhood they haven't seen a while so its kind of like a old homes day. If you gre up in South Buffalo, you go to this.

The only problem this year - it rained. alot. And my kid loved it. She didn't care. We danced in the rain my daughter and I and world watched and wondered at our insanity. I had my daughter and she had me, I didn't care.

So after 10 or so bands, 3 dance troops, 5 drinks, 4 trips to the playground, 3 rain stalls and one creepy guy who hit on Brigy's friend, we called it quits. Erin passed out at 9:30 on the ground next to her cousins. It was a pretty picture.

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Face on Fire said...

Awww, that sounds fabulous! I remember those ethnic festivals in Buffalo - a whole different experience than out here. And lawn fetes! Lordy, I miss the tiny little lawn fetes at the churches where I used to win cheap goldfish at the ping pong toss!