Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day

We're all home today Labor Day. The plan? Laundry. Nothing fun, nothing exciting. On a free day off, we do house work.

Erin Tim and I all work up at about 6:30 am (normal time to get up) and Erin and I are chilling on the couch. Tim is trying to sleep. I already started laundry and well, suddenly became very depressed.

Labor day always meant starting school, new clothes, new paper and pens, new shoes, new bag and seeing old friends. A chance to start new and try to do it right this year. Now that I'm done with school for some 10 years now, I miss that. I have to go back to work tomorrow to same old office, same old desk, same old clothes. No chance of renewal. The slate is never wiped clean and doom is always lurking - bills, insurance, housework, clients, emails....

For adults, we are caught in this constant spiral of looking to start over and it just gets darker, like the weather. Labor day also signals the start of fall.. gloomy skies, earlier nights, last of the fall harvest. That crisp fall smell I remember is gone.

on a high note - Yankee candle is carring my favorite scent. They are calling it WICKED this year.... at least I have that to look forward too..

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