Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Daycare Cost

Come April, my office will be moving to a new building and they have a Daycare center inhouse. This is good. Cost is less than what I'm paying now but look at these numbers:

Current day care: $199/Week (= about $10,000 a year)
New day care : $165/week (= about $8500 a year)
Catholic School : $1650 a year +$300 in raffle tickets
SUNY College at Buffalo: $2175 a semester + $472 fees ( = about $5294 a year)

Ummmmmmm.... in 2 years, I could save enough for my kid to go to college. Something is wrong with this. I know that good childcare providers are deserving of a high pay but man!

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Face on Fire said...

Good lord! College is less expensive than Day Care? Damn...