Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Giving up or giving in

Yet another fun filled day of me trying to get my kid to stay in the classroom. We have this thing... I set my phone to go off in 4 minutes. Erin takes the phone, says "Countdown complete", hands me the phone, we kiss goodbye and I'm supposed to leave. Its all very cute when it works.

9 times out of 10 that doesn't happen. She runs to the door and tries to escape. I was Ryan Miller this morning playing goalie in front of the door. She clings to me and won't let me leave. Hitting and kicking..... You get the picture? She's 4 and hates it when I leave. Its not like daycare is a new thing. She's been going since she was 2 months old. And, she kicks me out when I take her to the Grandparent's house. Some days at daycare are fine. Most are not.

It's driving me crazy because I'm late every day. I'm at my wits end. This morning we agreed that I could leave. She went back on her word. Yesterday I was able to leave early only because another parent was there and she knew I was upset with her. I don't want to fall into that pattern of guilt-tripping her (silly Catholicism). I read that the age of reason is 7. I can not wait 3 more years. I need her to understand the outcome of being late. Wait till the fall little girl. Mom isn't allowed in the school in the morning.

I need a cup of coffee.

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