Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day - Part 2

To start - cleaning the house at 9 am sucks. But Tim did bring me Donuts. I love that man.

Dinner went well. Pork and Roast beef. Not bad at all. But I cooked. Yep. Mother's day and I cooked. It's only fair. I am the rookie Mom. Mom was impressed with dinner which is always good.

Jim and Shari came over as well. mmmmm.. Bacon Bacon dip.... mmmm. Sorry. Thats some good stuff.

Oh a high note, Erin and I planted. I have a little garden in back and we planted some flowers around the mail box. She isn't afraid of bugs outside which is a help. Inside the house is another story. I'll take some pictures as soon as I dump the camera.

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