Friday, November 09, 2007

Blogging for Dollars

You may have seen the PayPerPost banner on the side. Yes, I joined the ranks and I actually like it. You heard me. I want to get paid for the time I spend reading the web :)

I found PayPerPost through one of the guys I work with who mentioned different types of WebAdvertising and I was curious. Get paid to blog about stuff? You have got to be kidding!!!So you mean I could actually make money from visiting other sites and if I like it and give a good review, I’d get paid? NO WAY!

It’s all true. I don't have to blog about everything and anything (I'm particular). I can pick and choose from what I want to review and if I don't see one I like, I wait a few days. I find some pretty interesting links and what is the best way to spread the word about new products? Word of Mouth.And I represent a pretty important consumer base – A thirthsomething female with a full time job who happens to be a wife, daughter, friend and a Mom of a pre-schooler .If I can help other Mom’s in my place find a good place to save money or get help, I plan on telling everyone I know .Thank you PayPerPost!

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