Thursday, November 01, 2007

Let the Shopping Begin!!

Now that Halloween is over, Christmas has taken over my mind this year. Forget Thanksgiving. I want to get my shopping done now. Granted, we are about 50% done (thanks Honey!!) but I still have several people to buy for.

The ultimate questions looms over my head "You have Friday Nov. 23 off..... do I want to go shopping??"

Maybe. Yes, I said maybe. The last few years I got screwed out of some really good deals because I waited to go shopping. I could have saved a lot but I hate Black Friday. I used to work in the mall and I know the pain. BUT, I never had a plan. Just before we had the kid, we actually braved the crowds and my god!!! We got a really good sale at BestBuy on a PC Monitor. The problem was my plan was made that morning. I don't have that kind of spontaneity. I need a battle plan for the thanksgiving ads that disappear with 4 year old in the house. And do I really want to brave the stores? SHOP ONLINE!!!! Yes.... make them bring it to me. It may be snowing and I hate shopping wearing the winter gear.

Now all I need to do make sure I know WHAT I'm getting before the sales start.. hmmmm..... where is the Big Toy Book

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