Saturday, April 19, 2008

it is April 19th and....

What is up with that? I'm loving it don't get me wrong but its a little warm for me. I prefer the 70's. The nice thing is that its a bit cooler where I live (advantage of living near the lake).

So with the warm weather, Erin and I helped out at school today to clean the grounds in honor of the new projects at school with Americorps and Earth Day. Raking was in order for the day. We stayed for about 2 hours (8:30 to 10:30 am) and headed home to go to Mc D for lunch (imagine a scarcasic woohoo). After lunch, we, well, I tackled the garden in the back of the house. For some strange reason I want to plant veggies this year. We eat a ton of carrots and I really like Zucchini. I make Sweet Pickles every year so lets supplement from our own garden! Not to mention, Erin really wants to grow a pumpkin. I said why not.

Therefore in honor of Earth Day and the need to be a little more green ('cause its not easy being green), a veggie garden will be ATTEMPTED this year. A small compost pile will be right next to it and plastic bags are evil. There. I said it. No more plastic bags. The old light bulbs are out and the new Energy efficient ones are in. Environmentally safe cleaners now live under my sink and I need more Vinegar to make some home made cleaners. I also need a bigger recycling bin.
Thank you honey for putting up with me on the quest to make the Earth a little better for the kid.

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