Thursday, April 17, 2008

too much to do

So the birthday party is done (yeah!!) and the Bridal shower is done (woot!) so that means I have a long list of stuff that needs to get done ASAP.

1) Charlie's Pillow covers
2) SCA Scroll
3) Sam's present (at least one is now done, I just need to finish the other)
4) plant the garden

These are the immediate ones that HAVE to be done. I have a list of 'would like to do if I only had more time'

IPOD monster
wrist warmers
A Bagsket
Random Cat toys
A plastic Bag holder
Grocery Bags
dice bag swag for hubby
frame my daughter's art work
free range monsters
home made granola bars

This list has been shoved to the side for the time being. I have more important things to do like listen to Erin READ me a book. Yes folks, the 5 year old has gotten the reading bug. Her sight word list is a bit shaky but she's getting it. She has read 5 books for me (with a little help on some of the big words) and she's a top reader in her class. There is an issue with few words (said, is, it, the) but we're getting over it. I think she needs to see the words in context and not randomly thrown at her.

I am awfully proud of her - she's only 5. Its amazing as to what the schools are expecting of the kids now - 5 years are expected to read already. That was first grade for us. Crazy.

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