Sunday, April 27, 2008

What I did this weekend

I have been having a strange pain in my left hand for 2 weeks. A pulling and sharp pain at the base of the thumb and middle finger.

With much hemming and hawing, I went to an urgent care facility since my primary is out of the country. 1 hour later and 2 XRays later, I have trigger finger and tendonitis. How to fix it? You can't, well not really. I have to rest it (ha!) ice it and take an anti-inflammatory. That means knitting and crochet are on hold. Sewing is ok in spurts. I'm glad its my left and not my right hand. That would really suck.



Face on Fire said...

Is it just me that finds it vastly amusing that you have "trigger finger"?


Smooches, hope you get better soon love!

Anonymous said...

Stop typing this nonsense and it won't hurt!!!

Your Brother

Mel said...

You see, i have mastered the art of typing with my right hand only so there...:P~~~~