Wednesday, December 10, 2008

where did i go?

I'm such a slacker (Jim, shush... brotherly comments can be keep to yourself). I'll rephrase that. I'm a slacker with the blog. Here's why.

1) Christmas - preparations are underway. House needed to be cleaned, tree needed to be bought and decorated, shopping needed to be started.

2) PTA - I am now the Co-President (or VP, whatever we decide) for the kid's school. Yes, you heard me. PTA.

3) Breakfast with Santa - this ties into #2. Since I am in the PTA, I was asked to chair the breakfast this year. Thank goodness for Maria. She has been a help and so has Lil. I'm trying to keep this one under $250. Keeping it simple and cheap!

4) Work. yeah, its work

5) Sinus Infection Kid! She's been battling this cold now turned Sinus Infection for 2 weeks. Now she's on antibiotics so things should turn around.

6) Broken sinks. 2 weekends in a row we've fixed both sinks in the house. I have points in plumbing.

Updates will be more frequent, I promise.

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