Thursday, July 31, 2008

green Stuff

Not money... by my garden. I have a zucchini finally! Its going to camp with me (along with a yellow squash from a friend's garden). The carrots aren't growing as fast as I'd like but thats my fault. I planted them too close together.

The green onions aren't doing so good either but heck, I tried.

And to boot - my neighbor just gave me some cucumbers too which means sweet pickles will be made and ready in 2 weeks. YEAH!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

son of a ...

I have freaking "Pink Eye" - better called conjunctivitis. Its either Viral or bacterial but regardless, it sucks
The meds the doctor provided me with were $100 for a little tube of ointment. $100!!!! Come on.... I had to pay $25. The only problem is that its an ointment and not drops. I have goop on my eye now and my vision is blurred. THIS SUCKS!

I am gonna go sulk now.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


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I made the decision plant a garden this year and well, it is so so. Only the carrots are doing really well and this, I think is a Zucchini plant. I think. I planted that and cucs next to each other and I think this is Zucchini. I have blooms on it so I hope I get something soon.

Something... any thing.

Erin's bean plants are growing too. I forgot we planted them!

Happy Wet kid

Happy Wet kid
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We had to get a new pool today since froggy is dead. While at the store we ended up getting a new suit...

I managed to find a Yellow Polkadot 2 piece for like $7. We cracked it open as soon as we came home.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Not only did I manage to make a list for Pennsic, I got some of the food stuff for the trip. This is the one thing I hate about camping is the cooking side. I never know what to bring. Refrigeration is not an option and you can only make so many trips for Ice.

On top of the shopping, I managed to make 2 chitons (greek/roman style toga thing) and start the scrolls for Summer's End.

What was I thinking?

Monday, July 07, 2008

spoke too soon

She had a good weekend.. lots of late nights but otherwise normal. Late night hanging at the drive in watching Wall-E again, eating junk food on the 4th. Played till late with her cousin on Saturday and went out with me yesterday but she was in bed early and excited about camp.

This morning she freaked as soon as we got up the stairs. She didn't want me to leave. I made it into work a half hour late and now I'm grumpy. Same old same old as the last week of school.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

a lot can happen in a year

All I can say is wow.

Week one of day camp is done and she loves it. The counselors love her for the entertainment and she is well behaved.

Swimming - she JUMPED in the pool, went under the water and didn't freak. She repeatedly went under the water even with her eyes open.

Dinner - manners and she ate. Thats all I care about right now.

Shopping -No whining in the toy store. In the bookstore, she was polite, helped a little girl, gave the little girl the book she was reading so she wouldn't have to walk over to get another one. The dad stopped me and said what a polite and nice girl she was. They are used to seeing the snotty, bratty, pisspots and Erin was "perfect". In reward, she got 2 more books. They are books!! Not toys.

Going home - there was a DWI check on the way home and she was patient and didn't get freaked by the cop.

Home - no issue going to bed - story and 3 songs. No whining.

Last year, she was dealing with temper tantrums, fits, ODD type behavior and not dealing well with me leaving. Now, she's a different kid. She's not perfect but today was ideal. Thank you school for discipline. Thank you YMCA for letting her be a kid for the summer.


Thanks to Nayada, I found the lost thought.

Its Thursday and its raining. It always rains on Thursdays because of Thursdays in the Square. Free outdoor concert = rain. It never fails.

I can rest easier now.

Where do all the lost thoughts go?

Driving into work this morning I had a great idea for a blog... now its gone. This is the one thing I HATE. I refuse to send it via my phone (not to mention I can't spell on the stupid thing). And I can't write and drive at the same time.

I'm trying to back track in my head to remember what it was and its not working. I got in the car, dropped Erin off, got back in the car, drove to the office and now I'm here. What the hell was it?
Nothing on the radio I don't think... hmmm...

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

day 3 of Camp and game 3

So far, so good. Three full days of swimming, running, playing and she's pooped. Not to mention she has soccer on top of it. Yesterday we ran from Camp to practice and today to the Game. I hate eating this much fast food.

She was a little nervous the first day (to the point of throwing up) since she wasn't sure if she'd know anyone or how she'd be in the pool. That crisis was averted as soon as we got there. Two of her classmates were there so her comfort level rose. No problems at all.

Today she had a little accident but nothing big and the staff loves her (so they say). We'll see how it goes. Tomorrow is the first field trip to a skate rink, something she has never done. I expect to see bruises. Eh... its summer so she should have bruises.

We had a soccer game today and they won again for the 2nd week (wait, we're not supposed to keep score.. ha!). She is getting better about staying on the field. Her complaint is that the boys don't pass the ball and they keep stealing it from her. I don't blame her. She understands the rules of the game and really wants all the other kids to play like her. We saw some pretty good moves out there today and its so much fun watching the cluster of color moving up and down the field. They all kept tripping today too so next game we'll have a med kit to be sure the knees get band-aids as soon as possible.

One more day till Friday and then a mini vacation.... COME ON FRIDAY!!