Thursday, March 03, 2011


The kiddo awoke yesterday with a panic.  She gets that tone in her whiny cry for me.   Then I heard it.  The tell tale Seal Bark.  Croup.

Here I was hoping she would out-grow it but no.  She will be 8 in a mere 5 days.  And she gets Croup.

Now the logical side of me says "the likely cause was this weekend's event.  Lots of people, lots of germs.  No biggie, monitor for fever and keep tabs on the cough.  Steam then cold. And make sure she naps".

The other side went "crap crap crap!!!!!!  She has 2 swim things this weekend.. this is gonna break her heart!  crap crap crap".

Well needless to say, she immediately crawled into bed with me and fell asleep for like an hour.  This is good.  There was no lack of appetite and no fever.  Just the cough and runny nose.  Steam came that afternoon and then we ventured out to Target and the pet store (present for friend and a replacement Hamster ball.  poor steve is going crazy).

The cough lessened.  Now, I am sick.  I could tell exactly when I got it and I hate that feeling.  Mrrrrrrrr.  Flying with a cold sucks.  Having to meet with a client under those circumstances sucks more.

Coffee and rest are in order for me today (even tough I am at work, I am resting..  its not like I have move around a whole lot at my desk).  Speaking of coffee.. I am broken.  I need to fix that.


Sarah said...

The event was a germ-fest. Sick so far: Irene, KayLeigh, Magdalena, Brigitha, you guys...

Teresa said...

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