Friday, August 05, 2011

bumps and bruises

Wise words from our Pediatrician ring in my ears every time Erin comes to me with a bruise from playing outside.  He loves to see kids come in for their check-ups bruised, bug-bitten and smelling like summer because it means they are OUTSIDE playing.  DOING THINGS.......  and not held up in the house playing video games all summer long. (the smelling like summer part was me because I love the smell of sunscreen and chlorine on kids).

I boot my kid out of the house as often as I can.  It was raining one evening when I told her she could go.  She peeked her head out the door then stood on the stoop.  I saw her raise her leg outside of the awning to see how hard it was raining.  I heard the door close and she scampered to her room.  "I need a sweatshirt. Its raining." Off she disappeared in a sweatshirt and baseball cap.  She won't melt.  She loves the rain.

So our latest bruises are from Soccer this week.  At practice she took a ball to the face.  Owwww.  Then she turned into her one coach's hand and was whacked across the face.  I saw the whole thing.... it was comical.  Hoping that would be it...  I was wrong.  At the game last night, she was tripped and landed flat.  Face down.  I could feel it.  She got right up and brushed herself off.  No tears.  Then she was limping.  I could tell she was trying to walk it off but no luck.  After being carried off the field by Coach, we iced her leg.  She pulled her Achilles tendon.

Ace bandages are my friend.  We wrapped her ankle today and I sent her off to camp.  I can only hope she comes home with no more injuries today.

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