Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Teeny update

For those following the Hamster Drama...  Teeny is doing well.  I'll recap.
Friday, Steve died.  He's laid to rest in our back yard.
Friday 1pm - Teeny, a smaller version of Steve was purchased and given a forever home.
Friday 2pm- he bite me.
Saturday - Sunday - convincing Teeny that hanging out against the cage behind the wheel was not a good idea (sort of looked like a scene from Mission Impossible).
Today - Teeny has gathered up enough courage to come out of the cage via the gate and will come to me.  Now, this is not unusual.  Hamsters do that.  But, the cats were sitting there meowing at me to feed them.  Teeny wouldn't move and stared at them.  I closed the gate, feed the cats and returned to the cage.  Teeny nearly jumped out and landed in my hand.

He seems to like me best... i'll rephrase that.  He's most comfortable with me.  I'm okay with that.. but he needs to get used to the rest of the people in the house.   Patience.. I know.  But he sure is cute.

New friend... Teeny on Twitpic

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