Tuesday, August 02, 2011

car fail

I had brought my car in last month for an oil change and inspection.  Some things were fixed and I was sent on my way.  Then a noise appeared.  We took it in yesterday to the dealer of all places.  Sure enough, problem was found and fixed.

This morning, I handed over my credit card yet again, grabbed my keys and went to work.  No sound.  Good.  Here's where the story should end.  It doesn't.

I had to get Erin from camp early (she didn't feel well).  And there it was.. the same bloody noise as before.  What the hell!!!!!  After 2 messages to the mechanic's office, I get him on the phone.  He was pissed as well.  As he should be.  If the guys didn't do what they should of, it makes him look bad.  He puts his trust in these guys to FIX the cars.  All I want is the problem to be fixed.  Simple.

Now I have to go back in tomorrow morning at 7:30 am to drop the car off and demo the noise for the mechanic who did the work.  Cross your fingers kids....  more to come.

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