Friday, May 25, 2012

still here

I am still here.  Just off doing other things.  Its crunch time for the kiddo's dance school.  Not to mention exams for school.  So life has taken the front seat.  But its calming down now so I thought I'd get this in while I can.

We took a trip to Rochester to the Strong Museum of Play.  A friend of Tim was part of the Super Hero exhibit so we stopped by to see it.  They had a video game up in that section.. yes.. my loves together playing a video game

There is a full Video game room as well.  We turned the kid on to Gauntlet.  YES!  3 is way better than 2 when you are playing that game.

And of course, she had to ride the Merry Go Round... but she opted to sit with 2 little kids in the round spinny seat.  She wanted to make sure they were ok.  

She  struck up a conversation with kids and made sure she sat by the door.  So they wouldn't fall out.  I must have done something right with this kid.

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