Wednesday, October 03, 2012

New jeans.. thrifty style

I'm about 10 pounds shy of my next weight goal.  I've lost 20 pounds so far and want to loose 30 more.  I can totally do it but it will take time.  No fast loss here..  saggy skin is something I want to avoid.  I also want to have my body realize the new smaller size is actually NORMAL.   So far its working.  But my jeans are way too big. Like falling off my butt big.  I've used a belt but it looks dumb.  The pants are just plain too big. Its not a bad thing.

I know deep down I can get really good jeans and clothes at AmVets and the Salvation Army.  But it was something I never really did in earnest.  Sure, I'd go and browse and find a skirt or maybe something for Erin.  But to buy new (to me) clothes for a purpose?  Yes.  When its $5 for a pair of Lee jeans that run anywhere from $25-$40...  HOW CAN I BE SO FREAKING BLIND!??!!!  And there were a ton of brand name jeans (in really small sizes) from Banana Republic, Apple Bottom Jeans and Aeropostale.

So 2 pairs of $4.98 jeans came home with me.. a size 12.  Granted, its the stretchy jean fabric but they are 12s and they fit.  I DON'T CARE!!  This is huge for me.  

With School pictures coming up, I got Erin a new shirt and skirt..  each was $3.98.  New outfit for $8.  Screw the mall.  I got voted best Mom.  So next paycheck she gets $20 to spend - the task,  New Pants.  She's already planning on trying to get as much as she can.  When I start to travel, I'll need new pants so it will be a bit until then as I don't want too buy dress pants then find they don't fit.

Oh AmVets.. you rock.

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