Saturday, October 06, 2012

The next level of Hell

The whole puberty question came up again today.  So I went for it... while I was driving home.  Why?  I keeled over with cramps and the girl child was concerned that I would need to go to the hospital.  Since she had gone with Tim for his gall stone attack, she thought I was going to die.

Nope. Not dying..  just wanting to ripe my uterus out for a bit.

So I took the whole medical route on what happens.. every damn month.  She has heard the terms but didn't know what they were.  Now,.. she knows.  Her big question to me..  why I never said I was going through the pain each month.  She doesn't like to see me in pain so she felt bad. Because she hangs out with a lot of older girls  at her performance studio... the "its that time of the month" has been tossed around.  Now, she knows what it means.

Some will say,..  "she's only 9!  Why are you bringing this up with her?"  Here's why.. 1)she's in a training bra.  2) she's heavy for her age  like I was.  3) I was like 10/11 when I got it..  I do not need her freaking out when it happens.  I'm just glad I'm over this hurtle...  one more to go. I'm gonna hunt down a drink.. I need it.

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