Thursday, October 04, 2012

Pros and Cons

I have worked from home now for nearly a year.  And I love it.  But there are some Pros and Cons to it.

I don't need to shower and do my hair right away when I start my day
World's shortest commute
Don't need to worry about driving in the snow
I can do the laundry while I work.
I have a full kitchen for lunch
I can open the windows
I can step away for fresh air
My kid can take the bus home
I can take a nap on my lunch hour

I drink way too much coffee
I tend to work later than I really should
Oh..shiny - distractions can happen
Frequent interruptions from a cat and kid
I talk to myself way too much

Would I go back to working in an office?  Nope.  I like being a Work at Home Mom.  And I'm thankful I can do it.

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