Wednesday, November 21, 2012

All I want for Christmas is...

nothing.  Yes, I sound like my Mom. But there is nothing that I want for Christmas. There is nothing I need either.  But new paint brushes are nice, linen too, some blank journals, a book, a new friendly garden gnome, candles, ooh, wine or chocolate, something hand made....these are little tokens of friendship, family and love.  I don't expect any of them but they are always things that make me smile.  yes, I love garden gnomes and statues for outside.

All I've heard for the last week from Erin is "Oohh! I want THAT for Christmas...." Her list is long.  And expensive.  Does she need anything?  No.  Would it be nice if she got a new Monster High doll or game?  Sure..  but do we really need any of it?  No. Does she expect them?  sure.    This year, I'd love to be able to make the presents..  but time barely allows me to do what I have to do for the holidays.  Will she get any of it? Some..  but she will only get a few items.. small ones and her big gift.  and cookie dough.

In this age of STUFF, I think we have forgotten the simple things.  Its getting worse..  the bigger TV, the faster phone, the newest gadget.  Erin called iPhones overrated.  AWESOME... but then she turns around with  this list of STUFF.  STUFF!!  ARRG!!!  I really need to think about this...  this season of giving .  I think its time for a change.   what that is.. I don't know.  Just thinking out loud really.  I guess I've reached a whole new level of "Its all be done before"...  but there will be cookie dough.

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