Monday, November 05, 2012

On the road again..

I'm traveling today to VA for business.  My original flight was scheduled to leave at 6am.  I have a meeting at 2 that I need to be at so early is always the option.  So I wake up to a text message at like 2:30am indicating my flight is CANCELLED.  WTF??!!!

After a cup of coffee and a phone call to my travel person at work, I'm booked for an 11:15 flight to a different airport in hopes I'll get there just in time.

NO SUCH FREAKING LUCK!!  I get a text and email... Congratulation.. this flight is DELAYED until like 1:30pm.  Hello?  Excuse me??

So there is a chance now it will be earlier..  it's now listed at 1:05pm.  Better..  not great.  But what can I do?  Nothing.  But drink coffee, surf the net, do some work and wait.  Yep.  Wait.  At least I have a rocking chair.  And an outlet.

More to come in this freaking adventure I call work.

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