Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Suck it up buttercup

School started back up yesterday and someone didn't handle it well.  I was all for it ("get the hell out of my house so i can work in peace!") but E wasn't having any of it.  The now 10 year old had a massive case of nerves.  Anxiety sucks but when you are 10 and don't understand what it is sucks more.  I know I have anxiety.  I know my symptoms.  She on the other hand doesn't.  As soon as I mentioned school this morning the stomach hurt.  And I warned her that there will be no phone calls home (I'm so freaking mean...).

I  totally can sympathize with her.  I get it! I've been there.   A lot.  Pretty much on a daily basis before any work calls that I have.  But I refuse to let her be beaten by this - Suck it up buttercup.  We got this crappy thing called Anxiety and its something a lot of people deal with.  That's the key - we need to deal with it.  So I got her talking about dinner.  She mentioned wanting to cook dinner so I asked her - I changed the topic from school to cooking.  She loves to cook and I will gladly let her cook or bake (saves me from doing it all the time).   I should have picked up on when she was little that cooking and baking would be her outlet.

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