Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring = Ants

This is an ant pile.  In my drive way.  About 9 inches wide.

Its spring so that means ants.  We live in a house that is on a concrete slab.  So, when the weather starts to warm up, my little friends here start to come out and say hi!  They greet me in the kitchen.  Say hello in the bathroom.  And even sometimes get some reading in with Erin.  One of the big downfalls of the area is the ants.  We can usually get it under control pretty quick.  But this lovely little pile of doom showed up this morning.  With all of the rain the last few days, the tunnels under the driveway were flooded so up they come.  And Out I went with the Ant killer.  I understand that every animal and creature has its place.. but damn it, not in the middle of my driveway or in my house.  

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