Friday, April 12, 2013

What the...

My job changed a few months back - It was either go on unemployment or join a different team, be a consultant and then travel. I chose the latter as health insurance and paying bills became my priority.  But this led to the family discussion of me being on the road.  We knew going into this adventure I'd be on the road for a week at a time, maybe once a month depending on what was going on.  In July, I will be gone 3 weeks in a row.  3!  Texas, downstate NY and Detroit.  So I told the child about this as she'll need to be in some sort of camp during those weeks.
Child:  Mom, I don't like your job
Me: I don't like my job either.  Why don't you like my job?
Child:  You are never home

Wait what?  I work from home.  I was last on the road in February for a week.  Nothing in March.  And I travel at the end of April and a week in May.  Then I'm home all of June and out for 3 weeks in July.  Now granted, this is kind of extreme and I really don't want to do it either but it is what it is.

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