Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Purging - Part 3

My dining room is slowing returning - things are going into their proper places.  I even bought a new bookcase for my "hobby".  I have some 2 dozen books dedicated to Medieval Manuscripts, and paints, and a paper..  they needed to be in one spot.

I tried the Restore for a bookcase - no luck so Valu Home Center sale was my option.  Its coming together.. 

But lesson learned today... Make sure you have enough Garbage Bags and a pace how much you throw out.  My garbage tote is almost full and its Tuesday.  Garbage pickup is Monday..  

Here are some progress shots..

The table is the holding spot of doom right now.

This corner was where the hobby shelve were (a crappy wire shelf unit).  Now its just the chair and by basket.

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