Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Post Purge

I've done as much as I am going to in the Dining room and all that is left is the table.. the great black hole of stuff that I'm note sure what to do with.  Toss or keep.  If I keep, where?

I tossed an entire bag of craptastic fabric yesterday and still didn't have room for the good stuff.  I either have to start making stuff with what I have or part ways.  I also found a shoebox of Tapes..  yes.  Tapes.  I think we have most of them in other formats so I really want to toss them.  But I was stopped "just in case we don't" .. so I have to do a bit of documentation before I can ditch them.  I don't use the tape player in the car for tapes at all. its just there.

But significant progress has been made.  It will look sweet for Thanksgiving.

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