Thursday, January 01, 2015

Hello 2015.. A little early but hello

I had intended on sleeping in this morning after arriving home at 2:30 am and finally falling asleep at 3:30am.  My stoopid cat had other ideas.  9am rolls around and she starts in with the meowing.  The sad pitiful kind like " Starving.. If you don't feed me right now I shall surely die!!!".  Then she walks on my face.  So there will be a cranky Mel today.  Stoopid cat.  No nip for you today. 

I can't even go back to bed either.  Once one of us are up, she cries is she find us.  Kitty dementia has set in.  When you have a 16+ year old cat, you get shit like that.

She stands in the doorway of our room and pulls that pitiful meow again, even more so.  " mom? Where are you? Where did you guys go??".  We are in the next room!!! So we call her in and she gives us this look like "you didn't tell me you were in here!".

I really want to take a nap..... Why doesn't someone just declare Jan 1 as official stay in your jammies and nap day?  Who's with me!

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Lady Lily said...

I'm in!