Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Rules are rules

There has been some backlash on the whole story involving the family with the disabled daughter who "had to" sit on Mom's lap for the flight when the child was over 2.

See here for the story and here for the United response.

I am going to get on a soap box on this one.  Because I can and since no one reads this, what do I care.  I don't know this family.  It doesn't matter.

The Rules clearly state that if the kid is under 2, the lap is fine.  Otherwise, own seat.  And they MUST BE IN THAT SEAT.

Now, I understand the Flight Attendant was doing her job  and maybe it was harsh, i wasn't there.  But RULES ARE RULES.

2 Carry on Bags
Everything is stowed
No PCs until the thing goes Ding.
Babes in arms are ok.  Otherwise -- OWN SEAT.

Here's what I don't get.  Kids ages 2 to say 7/8 maybe ..  they need to be in a car seat in the car right?  Plane.. Car..  pretty close.  They make seat harnesses for the kids on planes (pretty slick I may say) to keep them safe.  Why on God's green earth wouldn't you do the same thing for the plane?!!

The mom claimed she didn't know.  And she is now getting a seat for the next trip.


I travel.  A lot.
When you buy tickets, they ask for the age.  The Airlines post this info.  I checked out the basic United Flight search has info....


The flight was delayed for an hour.   I would be pissed if I missed my connection.

This is not an age where we can claim ignorance as an excuse.   Google it.
FAA children in lap rules

and I get this page:

It took me all of 1 min to find the answer.

Could the flight attendant handled it better?  Maybe.  But what about the parents?  Sure, the kiddo is only 3, looks like she 2 ish, probably went under the age radar to be able to sit on Mom's lap.  I get it.
If you have a special needs kid, you read the rules.  You make sure you know the rules because more often others don't know and that's when things go bad.  If something were to have happened on that flight and god forbid the little girl was hurt, I'm sure the tables would have been turned saying that the Crew didn't enforce the rules and didn't do enough to protect the child.


Not my problem. Not my issue.  Let it go.. .let it go!!!!!


Patrick said...

I wouldn't say nobody reads this. ;)

And I agree. Follow the rules or seek a special dispensation in advance just like the rest of us.

Melissa Hannon said...

I should rephrase... its not like HUGE amounts of people (maybe 10) read this :)