Thursday, December 21, 2006


I feel like Bob Cratchit...
So its 3 days before Chirstmas.. I am at work for 2 of those days. Ummmmmmm..... I'm here physically but not mentally. Sure, I'm working but man, it is hard. Not to mention the office is freezing and I'm broke.

Erin had a party at school today - cookies, cupcakes, candy... THE WORKS! I wanted so bad to say "do you need help? Homeroom Mom? As long as I get the baked goods, no one gets hurt" but I didn't. I left sad and wanting a cookie.

I had to pull teeth in the office to get them to decorate this year. I brought the tree in and it became a joke for a while. Come on. We spend 9 hours in the office. That is more time than I spend at home. I want lights, I want a party. I want a break! Bunch of Scrooges

I'm going to wear the Santa hat tomorrow. Who cares - i need a little jolly in my life right now. Things keep getting worse and I need something to keep me afloat.

So back to the grind for 4 more hours, go home, bake till I'm done and do it all over again tomorrow. Now if Santa would only bring me what I'm wishing for.....

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Face on Fire said...

Oh honey, I feel you there. We can do this! We can! And I'll remind Santa that you were a good girl this year. Just let him know I want a good grade in evidence for Xmas.

Love you,