Friday, June 08, 2007

"I think an Owl ate the birdie"

Erin and I went outside to check the weather and the pool. There was dead looking bird in pool. I say dead looking because i saw it wasn't moving. Erin stared at it and poked it (such a kid) and yelled "MOM! IT'S NOT DEAD!".

What the hell do I do with a half dead bird. We've lost fish before and flushed them. This is a much bigger animal. And she said it was her friend.

So I found something to move the bird and when it moved its wings, you could see some wounds. Either another bird or a neighborhood cat got to it. It wouldn't let go. Poor thing. We moved it out to the shed and Erin was very calm.
"Mom, we can stay and make sure no cats come back and if they do, we can hide it again. " She felt sorry for the bird. I did too. I took an old bowl and we got some water. It was shivering probably due to shock. The poor thing won't last and Erin sighed. She said God likes birds so its ok.

When we got in the house she said, "I think an Owl ate the birdie". I explained to her that some bigger birds and animals will eat the smaller ones. Like we eat chicken and cows.. wild animals have to eat too. She said "yeah mom, i know. it will be ok. Lets just leave the water and some bread". I hope that bird dies knowing one little girl considered it her friend.

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