Monday, June 11, 2007

Bar-goon shopper

I hate shopping with a 4 year old. Impulse buy every time. Since I stopped getting the paper, I don't get coupons or ads anymore. I've resorted to browsing online before we shop. Shoes for example. 4 year old = growth spurt. Somethings you need to try on and others you don't. Payless Shoes is pretty reliable for 'tappy' shoes (black mary-janes) and we've gone through some 8 pairs. Kohls also has been a life saver. They carry black jeans for kids.

Now, if I take said 4 year old shopping for clothes, we end up with a heck lot more than what we need. My hubby turned me on to online shopping coupons and if there is a bar-goon, I'm on it. Coupon Chief lists by store - perfect for me since I have little time to wander through specials of the day. I know where I need to and what I need.

For the frugal mom who hates buying full price anything, especally clothes the kids will grow out of in 3 months, they keep tabs on Old Navy, Kohls and Children's Place. I could have used this years ago.

Happy shopping!


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