Saturday, June 02, 2007

Summer Fun Already

Its June 2 and 90 degrees. 90 FREAKING DEGREES! Um.. what the hell? I remember it being cold on my birthday. With all the trials these last 2 weeks, we made it though 3 days without MAJOR explosions.

Yesterday was Erin's last day at her current daycare. She had a great day and we needed to celebrate. Did you ever celebrate by buying a pool?

This lovely frog pool (note: not my kids) cost $14.95 at Target. I looked at Amazon and it listed at $50! I seriously lucked out.

Pool got set up yesterday and Erin blessed it with squeals of joy.

Today, after a wonderful picnic in the park and visit to Gramma's in 90 degree heat to get the Air Conditioner, Erin again dove in and squealed like a little girl (yes, she is a little girl so how can make her stop?). Her goal was to get me wet as well.

To her surprise, I came out of the house in my suit and JUMPED in the pool. Damn, that was cold but felt fantastic in the heat.

I love that pool. All I needed was a Mommy frosty cold drink and I'd be set. Bring it on Summer. Bring it on.

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